2024 Annual Parish Meeting


Call To Order-Jason Hicks

Opening Prayer-Fr. Adam Roberts


Music-Kris Walters
The choir transitioned choir practice to Sundays after coffee hour to make attending easier. Fr. Adam asked Kris to write up a job description with tangible tasks so that everyone could better understand the role of the Music Director. Here is a draft of the job description, pending approval of Fr. Adam and the parish council: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CZd_FyAu9BPCvPtGOt4tGeKH1XyDkjRiMh3XaQDyEWc/edit?usp=sharing

Sunday School/Christian Education
In November, our director and her family moved to Michigan. In December, Fr. Adam met with a group of parents to create and implement a “Church School” plan for 2024.

Chairman-Jason Hicks

Finances-Fr. Adam Roberts
I thank James Aivalis for conducting a stewardship campaign to understand our current and future finances. Click HERE for the 2024 budget.

Priest-Fr. Adam Roberts
I can report increased participation in the sacraments and an increase in the sense of community. We have received many new members through chrismation and baptism. Our liturgics have continued to improve due to the efforts of many volunteers. 2023 saw the addition of pews, life-size wall icons, communion rail, a new vestry and sacristy, altar cross, and stations of the cross.

According to the calendar, we do not have any elections scheduled. The chairman is drafting a schedule change for the parish council offices that will be shared with the parish when completed. The final version, with parish input, will be implemented after a blessing is received from the Metropolitan.