The full name of the Patriarchate of Antioch is the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East. The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). His Beatitude Patriarch John X (Yazigi) currently occupies the seat. He resides in Damascus, Syria on the “street called Straight” (Acts (9:11); however, the patriarchate extends to Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia.


His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph leads the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. He is one of our greatest proponents for missionary outreach to the lost sheep of North America and unequivocally supports the Western Rite Vicariate of the Archdiocese.


His Grace Bishop John is the episcopal overseer of the Western Rite Vicariate

Father Ed Hughes is the official Advisor to the Metropolitan for the Vicariate.


Father Adam Roberts is our parish priest.