Membership Pledges

Why Do We Pledge?

Every year, each Member of St. Paul Orthodox Church is asked to submit a Pledge, including a total amount that the submitting Member commits to give over the course of the year. These Pledges practically help the church develop a budget for the year. Of course, we do not just give to meet the needs of the parish. We give for our own spiritual health. Remember that we are not doing the parish a favor by giving. We are being obedient to what God has already instructed us to doOur giving is for the good of our savation if we give freely in a spirit of obedience, generosity, love, and joy.

Keep in mind that everything we own and earn actually belongs to God. We are stewards (that is, account managers) for a small portion of God’s wealth. Most of us have been blessed with the phyisical health and mental abilities to work so that we might take a portion of what has been given to us in order to care for our family, bless the lives of others, and return a portion back to God through His Church, which consecreates our gift for the divine ministry on earth.

As we decide how much to give, remember to think in terms of proportion (percentage), not just dollar amount. A tithe (10% of income) is a Biblical standard of minimal giving. We should strive to give God the firstfruits, the first and best, not what is left over from our other obligations. The tithe is not a legalistic requirement for Orthodox Christians, but it gives us a Biblical goal and standard as we decide how much to invest in our common minsitry for the year. Even if we don’t think we can offer a tithe, consider giving a greater proportion than last year. We give with the expectation of receiving a greater blessing than what we give. That blessing may be a clearer, purer understanding of how to live generously, actively giving without being compelled or asked, how to trade selfishness for deeper self-giving love, how to become a more active participant in the Body of Christ in a culture of personal individualism and family autonomy, or how to detach ourself from the unhealthy attachments, passions, and distractions of the world.

Thank God, St. Paul Orthodox Church is a growing parish! We have a lot of children, youth, and adults who need the best education and highest quality spirtual environment we can offer. Please give with faithfulness, generosity, and joy so that we can build a stronger and more active parish for our own families and for the people around us who need the power of the Gospel in their lives.

Father Adam

How Do I Pledge?

There are TWO OPTIONS for submitting a Pledge:

1) Simply submit a Recurring Gift to be deducted from your Credit Card or Bank Account at the interval you choose through our Online Giving Platform.

2) If you do not want to give electronically, please email ( ) or call our church secretary to receive a Membership Pledge Card.